John McAfee On Paid-For Cryptocurrency Ads

April 4, 2018

Prominent software developer and cryptocurrency enthusiast John McAfee who tweets often about cryptocurrencies and ICO has revealed how much he charges for these posts. Last week McAfee’s cryptocurrency team published a manual to tell why it is profitable to buy ads like that.

Publishing information on cryptocurrency or ICO in McAfee’s Twitter was called the McAfee effect. This allows for advertised projects to gain immense hype and cost growth. Now the team decided to speak in more detail on how the effect works:

“It’s self-aggrandizing and ego-stroking for us. However, if you’re planning an ICO, trying to boost a coin, or want to shine a light on your latest project, you should overlook our swollen egos and see”, John wrote in Twitter to comment on the effect.

John McAfee charges $105,000 for a tweet about cryptocurrency of ICO. But how will the advertised projects benefit from it? McAfee’s Twitter followers exceed 811,000 with 259,000 subscribers having over 50% of assets in cryptocurrency. Assets of 224,000 of them amount to $4.5 bln in total which means they are just the ticket for start-ups seeking new investors.

“John McAfee’s tweets are by far the most influential in the field of cryptocurrency”, the manual notes.

John McAfee’s tweets used to raise suspicion earlier. In January Motherboard published an article to draw attention to prices of cryptocurrencies advertised by McAfee increasing manifold few weeks after tweet was posted. The article suggested, McAfee himself was doing pump and dump manipulations by advertising only the cryptocurrencies and projects he had invested into earlier at low price. Official manual release however proves, McAfee makes profit from projects indeed but as charge fee, not speculation revenue.


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