Crypto Millionaires Acquire Lamborghini as Status Symbol

April 4, 2018

Many crypto market players have earned some money with cryptocurrencies with some of them having made a fortune. People like the latter ones who have gained millions out of Bitcoin or Ethereum began purchasing Lamborghini’s as a sign of wealth.

Peter Saddington, a US programmer, has bought Lamborghini Huracan directly for 45 bitcoins that he purchased in 2011 at $3 each. The case is just another proof that Bitcoin can be used for real transactions.

A realtor Piper Moretti also told, one of her customers managed to buy a house for $3.2 mln due to Lamborghini purchase. The client just brought the papers as testimony so the house owner accepted cryptocurrency.

Given all this Lamborghini sees its sales uplifting with unprecedented 3815 cars sold in 2017. In December 2017 10 cars were sold for Bitcoin while earlier the average number of such was just two cars a month.


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