Market Review. Results of the Day. A Continuation Pattern

April 4, 2018

BTC $6848.50

ETH $380.42

XRP $0.492910

BCH $655.68

Technical analysis

Today the market is red again. A continuation pattern has formed in bitcoin market. Two previous similar pattern ended up in decreases of the price by $2,000 and $1,200 respectively. If the story repeats, then bitcoin may fall to $6,000.

News review

News of the year:
Russian star Olga Buzova launches her own cryptocurrency BuzCoin and blockchain platform Buzar.
She said that the project will allow users to find new acquaintances, find a job, buy tickets for concerts, rent accommodation, exchange cryptocurrencies, and buy goods and services.

Google removes cryptocurrency mining extensions from its browser.

The founder of Bitcoin Foundation Jon Matonis to Business Insider:


"To the people who say bitcoin's a bubble, I would say bitcoin is the pin that's going to pop the bubble. The bubble is the insane bond markets and the fake equity markets that are propped up by the central banks. Those are the bubbles."

Ex-CEO of a legendary cryptocurrency exchange Mt. Gox refused to 160 thousand BTC and BCH from the liquidation fund.

"I don't want this. I don't want this billion dollars."

According to IBM forecast, in less than 10 years the capitalization of the cryptocurrency market will exceed the 3 trillion dollars mark.

The amount of funds raised through ICOs exceeded the amount of venture investments by 3.5 times.


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