Market Review. Results of the Day. Bitcoin 666666

April 5, 2018

BTC $6736.72

ETH $375.55

XRP $0.48324

BCH $633.11

Technical analysis

A continuation pattern has continued to form on Bitcoin chart. The support level is $6,600, and the resistance level is $6,900. The trading volume and the number of transactions have not changed much. The most likely scenario is the continuation of the falling trend.

News review


According to some crypto executives, the ban of crypto ads in Facebook and Google will not hurt the industry, but help it.

Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank of Russia said that the bank will never tolerate the free exchange of cryptocurrency in Russia, as it poses risks to citizens of the country.

A number of Swiss analysts are confident that the bitcoin price will decrease by about 33% by December.

The Verge network has suffered from a 51% attack. A hard fork is coming.

About 15 percent of Japanese people of the age of 25-30 have cryptocurrency.

According to Bloomberg, Ripple offered $100 million to be listed on Coinbase.

Huobi conducted a survey of 2000 people, and almost 80% of them believe in strong growth of cryptocurrency in next 3 years.


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