Trace Mayer : Bitcoin Price will Reach $27,395 in February

October 11, 2017

Recently Trace Mayer, an entrepreneur, investor, journalist and financial analyst, has told about cryptocurrency raising in social networks. According to his opinion, the target Bitcoin price will be more than $27,000 in February. He bases this prediction on the steady increase of Bitcoin’s 200 day moving average. Mayer extrapolates the rise from the 200 day moving average. If this is the case, he states, a per-coin value will increase 4,5 times.

Mayer has long been in the cryptocurrency space. He conducted pioneer Bitcoin and invested in it during the financial crisis nine years ago when the price per coin was just 25 cents, .

More than that, Mayer wrote “Great Credit Contraceptive” where he explained the crisis reasons and probable consequences.

In general, Mayer predicts that the 200 day moving average will continue to rise, and that Bitcoin will remain at a reasonable level above the measure. Time will tell whether Mayer is right or wrong, but history certainly seems to be on his side.


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