Mexico Tests Blockchain in Tracking of Public Contract Bids

April 9, 2018

Mexican authorities work on a blockchain project, that will help them to track public contract bids. Mexico's national digital strategy coordinator Yolanda Martinez told it at the conference in Jalisco. 

According to her, the project is called Blockchain HACKMX and the work on it started in September 2017. At first, it was developed by a group of graduated students of local universities. Then their project won a contest for the development of blockchain solutions for improving the quality of Mexican public services. 

Martinez tweeted:

"With blockchain applied to public contracts we'll be able to know whether a company that provides services to the government is reliable."

She expressed her confidence, that blockchain technology can eliminate corruption and ensure transparency of public tenders, since all the records will be kept on a public chain and can be thoroughly audited at any time. 

As for now, no technical details of Blockchain HACKMX were disclosed, but all the information will be revealed once the project is launched.


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