Market Review. Results of the Day. Minimum Values

April 9, 2018

BTC $6736.92

ETH $398.47

XRP $0.482050

BCH $636.06

Technical analysis

Main cryptocurrencies grew a little over the weekend. Trading volumes on exchanges has grown today, but the number of transactions became lower since Friday.

The number of transactions has been decreasing since the beginning of the year and today it has reached minimum values for BCH and XRP.

Bitcoin is trading in the range $6,500-7,200. New trends are possible if the price leaves the range.

News review

Russian stock markets fell by more than 10%. 

Bank of Japan: the use of cryptocurrency is necessary for further technical progress .

Indian cryptocurrency exchange Unocoin claims that cryptocurrency will not be prohibited in the country.

Head of Intercontinental Exchange: People have more confidence in some Satoshi Nakamoto whom nobody has ever seen before rather that in the US Reserve.

Rockefellers to invest in cryptocurrency.

Bitfinex lists 12 new ERC20 tokens, including RDN, REQ, AION, IOST, and LRC.


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