Crypto Traders Number in Japan Exceeds 3.5 Mln

April 11, 2018

Financial Services Agency (FSA), the Japan’s financial regulator, has published official crypto trading statistics in the country for the first time.

According to the released data, the FSA has gathered from 17 local crypto exchanges, as on March 31, 2018, there are at least 3.5 mln people in Japan involved into cryptocurrency trading.

As for age of the Japanese crypto traders the distribution is as follows: 28% of 21-30 years old, 34% aged 31-40, 22% are 41-55 years old. Thus 94% of all traders are aged from 21 to 50.

Special research group formed by the FSA in March to gather data from cryptocurrency exchanges. The measure was caused by the regulator’s plans to make the crypto industry in Japan ultimately transparent after the local crypto exchange Coincheck fell victim to the industry’s largest hack ever.

As FSA reports, the research on the number of crypto traders in the country and publishing its results is to be the first step towards more detailed study of institutional problems that exist in the Japan’s crypto industry.

The Agency also published data on the number of investors engaged in margin and futures crypto trading. By the end of March they amounted to 142,842.


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