European Commission’s Vice President: Blockchain to Mainstream

April 11, 2018

As Blockchain is gaining popularity, scale and scope of its usability grows too, as vice president of European Commission (EC) Andrus Ansip says.

On Tuesday during his speech at the EC’s  Digital Day 2018 in Brussels Ansip marked blockchain as one of the industries Europe is in the lead in and added, investment volumes there must be increased. He also called the EC’s authorities for ensuring the information-based digital future to Europe:

“[Blockchain] now moving out of the lab and going mainstream… we should make the most of this new opportunity to innovate”.

The vice president also noted, investing into blockchain, artificial intelligence and digital health care are the top priorities for Europe. Yet he confided, the EC cannot provide financial assistance to all these industries. Ansip said, the Commission need to address the EU member states and private companies with request for extra funding.

Note that the Commission encourages developing blockchain and takes active part in doing so as well. In February the EC along with blockchain startup ConsenSys launched EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum that invests €300 mln into blockchain projects.


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