Market Review. Results of the Day. NEO & EOS Are Leaders

April 11, 2018

BTC $6912.73

ETH $423.08

XRP $0.49774

BCH $654.00

Technical analysis

The cryptocurrency market grew slightly today. EOS (+28%) and NEO (+9%) are the leaders of the growth.

While on BTC and other charts technical patterns are forming, on NEO chart a reversal pattern has already formed and broke out from the resistance level and is at the level of $57. The target of this pattern is $64.

BTC support level is $6,800, resistance level is $7,000.

However, EOS currently looks better than the entire market combined. Over the past week, it has added more than 40% and overcame LTC by market capitalization. And one can expect another boost, however it is extremely hard to bypass BCH. But the most vocal fans of EOS claim that soon the cryptocurrency will compete not with LTC, but with ETH for the second place on the cryptocurrency market. 

This Sunday the first of three airdrops of EOS will take place. EOS holders will receive free tokens, although it will not happen on some cryptocurrency exchanges. After the airdrops, EOS blockchain will be launched. 

It is worth noting, that we included EOS in the top-5 of altcoins for your 2018 portfolio.

If you want to know more about the cryptocurrency, please read our article about it.

News review

Missed major crypto-thefts? A Vietnamese startup is accused of stealing more than $660 million.

Nano Foundation to create an aid fund for those who suffered from the hackof BitGrail exchange. The total amount of assets in the fund is $2 million. However, the estimated amount of losses from the hack is much higher, more than $180 million.

Famous investor Dave Chapman says that there is no need to worry about the instability of bitcoin. He assures that bitcoin will survive most of the traditional financial institutions. However, it was Chapman who claimed that the price of 1 BTC will be $100 thousand by the end of 2017.

Vice-President of the European Commission: blockchain becomes mainstream .


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