Chinese Police Breaks Off Blockchain Conference

April 13, 2018

China’s police interrupted a blockchain conference in Shanghai on April 12 with no reasons given.

Global Fintech & Blockchain China Summit 2018 was organized by specialized PTP International company and was due to last for 24 hours. At noon however the conference session was stopped by the police who removed all organizers and visitors from the location without clear reason. Finally, the evening session of the conference fell through as well.

According to the Summit website, the event program included personal speeches, panel discussion and presentations. Among those to appear were officials of financial institutions, regulatory bodies and China’s cryptocurrency companies.

Despite there is no official information on the reasons for police actions, users of the Chinese social nets associate this with some investors who lost their funds in ICO petitioned to police with the view to ban the event as the initiators of the token-sale were among its participants.

The organizing company, however, denies this and assures, no there have been no law violations during preparations to the event. As the PTP International’s claim says, the police explained their actions were caused by security-related matters.


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