Market Review. Results of the Day. Crucial Moment

April 12, 2018

BTC $7695.50

ETH $461.88

XRP $0.5736

BCH $709.05

Technical analysis

Cryptocurrency grew today. The leader of the growth is XRP (+15.2%), and its trading volume has grown fivefold. 

Bitcoin leaved the triangle pattern and is trading above the level of $7,500. The trading volume is at its highest level for two months, and for the first time since the beginning of 2018 it has been growing along with the price. This is a strong signal for a possible ending of the long-term falling trend. 

News review

Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media of Russia (Roskomnadzor) intends to block Telegram tomorrow. In addition, the Russian authorities can oblige AppStore and Google Play to remove the messenger from their Russian stores, as they did with the social network LinkedIn.
We strongly doubt that the ban will happen, but we remind.
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Director of Research of a fintech consortium R3 Antony Lewis said that the launch of central banks' cryptocurrency will happen soon. The cryptocurrency is called CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) and it was first reported about it in July 2017.

Caribbean countries to allow tourists to pay in cryptocurrency.

Philippines says that cloud mining contracts are securities.

JPMorgan Chase has suddenly set an unreal commission of 30% for buying cryptocurrency. The community is furious.

Bittrex is back! Or not ... Or yes?
After almost 4 months of the disabed registration of new users, the popular cryptocurrency exchange has announced the 'reboot' with the new version of its website and opened the registration...
... but after just an hour it was closed again.
however, now everything is back to normal, and it looks like that it stays like that. 


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