Cryptocurrencies are the Principal Earner for 12% of Russian Crypto Users

April 13, 2018

As the recent poll shows, cryptocurrencies are the main revenue source for 12% of Russian digital currency users. Over 90% of the pollees say, they want to use digital coins as payment means, while a quarter of those surveyed already do so. 40% of participants consider cryptocurrency as a good long-term investment and do not intend selling out their crypto stock.

The survey among Russian cryptocurrency holders has shown, most of them got involved into it just some years ago. Nonetheless, 28% view themselves as active users, while 12% believe, cryptocurrency is their principal income source. The poll has also proven, just 8% of those participating are not ready buying goods for cryptocurrency, but 26% have declared, they have already done so.

Noteworthy enough, when it comes to purchasing goods for digital currency, 77% of users prefer buying computers, smartphones and other gadgets. 65% opt for media hardware while 66% would be glad to spend their coins for flight tickets and travelling. About 60% are ready for real estate or new car, 45% will use it for buying food or furniture.


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