Market Review. Results of the Day. Ripple Again

April 13, 2018

BTC $8100.47

ETH $515.57

XRP $0.6934

BCH $767.22

LTC $131.82

EOS $9.10

Technical analysis

The cryptocurrency market has continued to grow today. BTC is currently trading above $8,100.

Ripple is once again the leader of the growth (+20.3%). The trading volume has also continued to grow, while the number of transactions has grown significantly.

At the moment XRP is trading below the resistance level of $0.7. A breakout from this level opens the way to a resistance level of $0.95.

News background

Russian court decided to block Telegram messenger in Russia. Blocking is scheduled on Monday. Head of Telegram Pavel Durov tells users not to worry. 

Canadian commercial banks don't let their clients to purchase cryptocurrency. As a result, alternative ways of buying crypto become more popular. The turnover of LocalBitcoins increased sixfold in last three weeks.

Billionaire investor Mark Cuban harshly criticized bitcoin and gold, calling them 'collectibles'.

Pantera Capital analysts says that bitcoin price will 'highly likely' will hit $20,000 this year.

Cryptocurrency is the main source of income for 12% of Russian cryptocurrency users.

Rumours from January has been confirmed: Samsung enters the ASIC miners market. Bitmain became worried.

Blossom Finance declared bitcoin halal, or acceptable for muslim people according to Sharia. Many believes that the last growth of bitcoin is caused by this, because muslim people started to invest in the cryptocurrency.


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