Fraud of the Year: Extortion Via Letter

April 16, 2018

Over the last few years we have witnessed hundreds of scam attempts in crypto industry. Some of these schemes give a clear overview of the criminals’ remarkable skills while the others being nothing but bungling and can be left unnoticed. The following case falls in between.

This scam implies physical letters sent to would-be victims and trying to convince them, they have to transfer a large sum in Bitcoin to the scammer. Though demands like that are nothing much for today, the way fraudster presents them is incredible.

The criminal asserts to have evidence of something the addressee tries to conceal. Despite the letter itself does not mention any detail, the victim knows what’s the matter.

The receiver of the letter has got two options: either to ignore the “warning”, or to pay $8,600 in Bitcoin.

What makes the letter even more catching is that is has got clear instructions how to buy Bitcoin. On top of it, they do not cite to popular exchanges, but recommend purchasing it at LocalBitcoins.


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