Market Review. Results of the Day. Corrections Underway

April 16, 2018

BTC $8034.54

ETH $508.00

XRP $0.6594

BCH $759.84

LTC $127.76

EOS $ 8.08

Technical analysis

The main cryptocurrencies have undergone some corrections over the weekend. EOS is at the lead of the downfall (-10.9%). Trade volumes have reduced by 30-60%, number of transactions has dropped by 10-30%.

Bitcoin steps below $8,400, and is currently priced $8,034. Support level is $7,800, resistance level is $8,200. Breaking through the resistance level of $8,400 paves the way to $9,200 and further to $10,000. Given price plunging below $7,400 the current rate growth trend will cease.

Latest news

Telegram got banned in the Russian Federation. The fact is believed by many to do only good for the TON.

Yahoo! Japan has acquired a stake at the Japan-based BitARG crypto exchange (40%).

Chilean banks have initiated struggle against cryptocurrencies.

Latvia legalizes cryptocurrency.

The most active crypto users in Russia are Chinese wholesale traders. The turnover is reported to make at least $10 bln transferred later to China and converted into yuan.

Binance burnt over two millions of BNB.
But contrary to the public belief, the currency rate has sank by 7%, to say nothing of growing up.

Venezuela sets records:
After another devaluation of the national currency and legalization of digital one, crypto trades at LocalBitcoins have reached its highest level of $55 mln.


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