Pornhub Starts to Accept Verge Cryptocurrency

April 18, 2018

The largest pornographic website Pornhub has announced the partnership with Verge (XVG) cryptocurrency and will start to accept as a means of payment. Users of the website are now able to make purchases on the website, including buying the premium subscription. Moreover, XVG is also supported on Pornhub's affiliated websites: Brazzers and Nutaku. 

Pornhub executives explain the choice of XVG with the fact, that this cryptocurrency provides full anonymity and confidentiality. In an interview with The Verge (no relation to Verge), Vice President of Pornhub Corey Price said that XVG is a secured and convenient cryptocurrency, and that this is why the website chose it. 

Price said:

"We’ve been looking at crypto for quite some time."

The fact that Pornhub chose XVG as a cryptocurrency payment option may seem strange at first. The cryptocurrency is currently 21st place by market capitalisation and suffers from the volatility as the rest of the market. For example, the price of 1 XVG fell by more than 90% in the period from December 24 to March 18. However, it seems like advantages of the cryptocurrency outweigh its disadvantages. Verge provides full anonymity, transactions are proceeded in few seconds, and the transaction fee is low fixed (0.1 XVG).


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