Pavel Durov Uses Bitcoin to Skirt Telegram Ban

April 18, 2018

Founder of Telegram Pavel Durov stated, he would pay in Bitcoin to everyone who helps to skirt the governmental ban of the messenger.

In his Telegram-channel the app creator claimed, he established Bitcoin grants for administrators of VPN and other proxy-services that allow its users get access to the platform after the Russian government added Telegram to blacklist as the company refused disclosing users’ private messages.

Durov explained:

"I started giving out bitcoin grants to individuals and companies who run socks5 proxies and VPN. I am happy to donate millions of dollars this year to this cause, and hope that other people will follow. I called this Digital Resistance - a decentralized movement standing for digital freedoms and progress globally."

The decision was adopted after Internet providers began blocking Telegram on Monday. Despite the ban being in effect for three days already, the service did not see any significant slowdown of activity partially due to existing VPN and proxy-servers as well as to third-party cloud services that make the platform available for the users.

As Durov put it, ban on Telegram can be cancelled in the company submits encryption keys to the regulatory bodies. Yet he added, “we promised our users 100% privacy and would rather cease to exist than violate this promise”.


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