«Over and out»: $50-Million ICO Passes into Nothing

April 19, 2018

Founders of crypto start-up Savedroid have made off with the investors’ money after their ICO finished and marked it with a meme.

On Wednesday the German company’s website went into offline mode suddenly. The only thing it has been showing since was «Aannd It's Gone», the meme originated from South Park series.

Specially for the most childly investors the project’s founder and CEO Yassin Hankir twitted his photos from airport and finally on the beach holding a bottle of beer.

"Thank you, guys! End of communication »

As WirtschaftsWoche reports, Savedroid raised about 40 mln euro (~50 mln dollars) via ICO and extra funding.

The company supposed to develop an app for savings which would enable AI to help the users invest into curatorial crypto portfolios automatically.


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