Cambridge Analytica: Cryptocurrency for Personal Data Selling or Hong Kong Triad Sponsor

April 19, 2018

Cambridge Analytica (CA) has already earned its pretty poor reputation over the last couple of years primarily due to gathering data on 87 million Facebook users as it tried to influence the voters.

As The New York Times reports this time, the company planned launching its own cryptocurrency. Starting ICO and promoting digital token allowing for making profits on selling personal data have failed as a result of the recent scandal in Facebook which disclosed the company’s actions on gathering data.

The secret information was discovered by the CA’s ex-employee Brittany Kaiser who quit the company in February.

At one of the meetings CA was reported to suggest paying cryptocurrency to people in remote regions of Mexico as reward for quizzes. The gathered data could have been used to promote campaigns in support of the country’s politicians.

The CA's cryptocurrency team was also charged with Dragon Coin, the currency designed to be used by gambling enthusiasts on the Macao island. The currency is supposed to be sponsored by the leader of Hong Kong-based 14K triad Wan Kuok-koi. Dragon Coin denies any links despite the papers obtained by NYT.

It is yet unknown, how the rabbit burrow is deep and what designs CA had for the gathered personal data. Hopefully, Kaiser’s statements will make the company’s employees to come forward and tell what else has been left behind the scenes.


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