Market Review. Results of the Day. Roger Ver Edition

April 19, 2018

BTC $8249.50

ETH $555.37

XRP $0.7305

BCH $976.55

LTC $142.57

EOS $9.31

Technical analysis

Today, BCH is the leader of the growth once again, adding 10.3%. The trading volume increased slightly.

Bitcoin support level is $8,100, resistance level is $8,250. Today BTC slightly overcame the level of $8,200, and the trading volume has been growing for the third day in a row. This is a suitable background for a growth to $9,000.

Yesterday XRP broke out the resistance level of $0.7, and today the price continued to move up. Support level is $0.7, resistance level is $0.74. The continuation of the growth is the most likely scenario. The breakout of this level opens would send the price to $0.82 with a target of $0.9.

BCH continued to move to the target of $1,080. The price stopped just below the resistance level of $980. The further correction to the level of $900 is also possible.

The market capitalization stepped over the mark of $350 million.

News background

Barclays weighing options for the launch of cryptocurrency trading.

Cambridge Analytica, the company behind the leak of personal information of 87 million Facebook users, is rumored to be planning an ICO, that would let people legitimately sell their personal information. It is also believed that the company partnered with Dragon Coin, a cryptocurrency project from Macau. This project is accused of having one of the leaders of a triad group 14K Triad Wan Kuok-koi as their supporter.

Founders of a German company Savedroid, that raised $50 million through an ICO, disappeared with the money of investors, leaving the message saying "Thanks guys! Over and out ..." But it is not yet another crypto exit scam. Turns out it was just a cruel joke. The project is alive and well. CEO of Savedroid Yassin Hankir said that it was made in order to made crypto investors more vigilant and alert. He also said that the tighter regulation of ICOs is needed.

Brazilian investment company  XP Investimentos plans to launch over-the-counter bitcoin market.

Localbitcoins increased their profit by 300% in 2017 compared to 2016. $27 million against $9 million.

Police in the city of Xi'an arrested organiser of alleged cryptocurrency pyramid scheme. They are suspected of stealing $13 million from 13,000 people.

Parity Technologies made the final effort to recover freezed $264 million.



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