$6.3 Billion: ICO Funding in 2018 Exceeded 2017’s Total

April 20, 2018

According to the data gathered by CoinDesk site, over the first three months of 2018 ICO have attracted more funds than they did during 2017 in total.

ICO financing in the first quarter (to the tune of $6.3 bln) makes 118 per cent of total funds raised over 2017 which may considerably influence the common belief that ICO is a fading fund raising method.

Yet there is a fine point: significant capital share in 2018 belongs to ICO Telegram ($1.7 bln).

Regardless of Telegram even ICO have raised $4.6 bln suring the first quarter which is 85% of 2017s total amount.

Despite all this, low is the interest investors have to token selling while traders still prefer avoiding extra risks and sell tokens right after they came to the exchange or at the sharpest price.


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