Tron to Give Away 30 Mln TRX for ETH Users

April 23, 2018

After heated argument Tron’s CEO Justin Sun and ETH founder Vitalik Buterin have had recently the former one announced a goodwill 30 mln Tronix token airdrop for Ethereum crypto community. The ETH users are supposed to be offered 50 Tronix tokens each. Taking part is available for over 600,000 wallets with +0.1 ETH.

Internet user Sognando Wall considers this act to be quite thoughtful and useful as Ethereum owners will join the project this way and get more trusting to TRX.

Another crypto enthusiast has remarked, the measure is just a reason to settle the conflict between Sun and Buterin while availability of Tronix will facilitate the Tron’s net.


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