Crypto Enthusiast For Mayor of Taiwan’s Capital

April 23, 2018

Yi-Ting Cheng also known as Xdite, the founder of OTCBTC crypto platform, has shared her plans to run for mayor of Taipei, the capital of Taiwan. Cheng is convinced, Taipei is a modern city with good prospects yet with outdated laws and political players.

Xdite has marked, the most of Taipei’s officials have no idea, what cryptocurrencies and blockchain are about so she decided to take the job of “evangelist”. Cheng believes, she is able to realize all the city’s potential and make it great in the nearest future. The city is highly promising in the crypto industry as it is located near China, Korea and Japan that favor it.

Note that Yi-Ting Cheng has got a ten-year-record as developer, while six years ago she won the top prize at one of the most popular hackathons.


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