Most of American States Take Interest in Blockchain

April 23, 2018

Authorities in almost all states of the USA are at various stages of integrating cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Experts have split the states up into groups depending on the approach local authorities take towards cryptocurrencies and blockchain:

  1. Unaware: states that gave no response to adopting corresponding standards like Arkansas and South Dakota.
  2. Reactionary: states negatively predisposed to digital currencies including Texas, Iowa and Indiana.
  3. Appreciative: states showing interest in crypto industry with North Dakota among them.
  4. Organized: states that already adopted legal standards for cryptocurrencies: Washington, New Hampshire.
  5. Actively Engaged: states involved into digital currency and blockchain industry like Vermont.
  6. Recognizing Innovation Potential: states with activities aimed at integrating blockchain and cryptocurrencies into economics: Illinois, Arizona, Delaware.

The most favorable area for crypto industry is Wyoming, Arizona already raises taxes in digital currency while Georgia plans adopting similar law.


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