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April 24, 2018

BTC $9376.00

ETH $705.95

XRP $0.9268

BCH $1487.68

LTC $163.65

EOS $14.53

Technical analysis

The cryptocurrency market has continued to grow today. EOS is the leader of the growth (+25%).

Trading volumes are growing as well. Numbers of transactions are at their highest levels since the end of January. 

Bitcoin support level is $8,600, resistance level is $9,600.

Ethereum support level is $600, resistance level is $750.

Ripple support level is $0.85, resistance level is $1.10.

BCH reached an important resistance level of $1,600. The support level is $1,300. A correction to the support level is the most likely outcome. However, if the growth continues, or if the price stays around $1,600, then a quick growth to the level of $2,400 is possible.

News review


Servers of the MyEtherWallet cryptocurrency wallet has been hacked. Hackers redirected some DNS servers of the wallet to a phishing site. A total of $160.000 has allegedly been stolen.

Finnish Tax Administration found 3,300 cryptocurrency traders and demand them to pay 34% capital income tax. The amount of unpaid taxes is around 34 million euro.

Huobi plans to open an office in London. The company has already opened new offices in San Francisco and Seoul this year.

Ethereum community voted against changes in the protocol, that would unlock 513,000 ETH tokens, freezed in Parity multisig wallets. 4 million users voted, 55% of them are against the changes.

CBOE is considering to lower the price step for bitcoin futures from $10 to $5 on May 1.

Coinbase Shift Visa card has started to support Litecoin.

One of the world's leading cloud providers Amazon Web Services launched their own blockchain templates.

"AWS Blockchain Templates allow you to focus on building your blockchain applications instead of spending time and energy on manual setup of your blockchain network," the press-release says.


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