Japanese Companies to Fight Carbon Emission With Blockchain

April 25, 2018

A group of Japanese technology and energy companies announced the launch of a pilot blockchain project, aimed at reducing the level of carbon dioxide emissions in the air. They believe that this project will help Japanese people to turn from traditionally produced energy to the environmentally friendly sources.

The project begins the work in June. It has already been approved by the Ministry of the Environment of Japan. Basically, the project is a trading platform, where users can buy energy from renewable sources, or sell their excessive amounts of it.

The project is developed by Power Sharing in cooperation with local companies Tokyo Electric Power Co. and Softbank.

Softbank says that their role in the project is to check important details, related to trading. All the collected data will be stored on main blockchain.

It is worthy to recall, that in 2016 IMB considered to use blockchain technology to reduce air pollution in China.



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