WikiLeaks Calls For Boycotting Coinbase

April 25, 2018

Relationship between Coinbase and WikiLeaks is still going worse. For instance, Coinbase has blocked out WikiLeaks lately from accepting payments in Bitcoin via its store. In its turn WikiLeaks has announced global blockade for the crypto service that is to start next week and called it “an unfit member of the crypto community”.

It was a nasty surprise for many to learn that Coinbase ceased processing Bitcoin transfers for WikiLeaks store. Coinbase believes, the store violates from the company’s policy. The statement is yet quite vague and leaves much for speculation. The crypto community in general was discontented with such an explanation.

Good is that Coinbase tries to follow strict rules imposed by FinCEN but the measure may lead the business into trouble in long term. The situation has already frayed the nerves of the community.

The latter one considers the case to prove that Coinbase wants to secure more control over Bitcoin future. Along with corporations and centralized institutions of crypto industry making a figure they are major concern for decentralization. To date this is the most urgent threat for the whole industry at least until decentralized exchanges become standard practice.


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