Market Review. Results of the Day. A Correction

April 25, 2018

BTC $9,028.00

ETH $632.19

XRP $0.8189

BCH $1,327.03

LTC $147.37

EOS $14.71

Technical analysis

Major cryptocurrencies corrected today. EOS is the leader of the growth (+1.2%).

Trading volumes are at their three-month highest values. Most of the trading volume of Bitcoin was when the price was around the level of $8,800. The record volume of EOS happened at the highest levels of $15-16.

Bitcoin support level is $8,600, resistance level is $9,750.

Ethereum support level $600, resistance level $720.

Ripple support level $0.80, resistance level is $0.95.

Today's correction has not affected the medium-term growing trend.

XRP looks worse than the rest of the market, its price even fell to $0.5 with big volumes.

EOS is better than the market and reached its all-time high level at the high trading volume. Market participants actively buy all its corrections below the level of $14.

News review


A new vulnerability of smart contracts has been found. It is called BatchOverFlow and allows to generate unlimited amount of ERC20 tokens and send them to a regular address. OKEX, Poloniex, HitBTC and many others exchanges temporarily disabled the withdrawal of ERC20 tokens, but some of them later re-enabled it,

Nasdaq is considering opening of its own cryptocurrency exchange in the future.

Russian Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain says that at least $150 million raised through ICOs in 2017 were raised by pyramid schemes. RAKIB also says that Russian project to raise $1-1.5 billion in 2018.

WikiLeaks calls for a boycott of Coinbase.

Coinbase recently blocked WikiLeaks from bitcoin payments through its services. It caused a skirmish between them. Crypto community is more on the Wikileaks’s side, as people believe that Coinbase plans to control the future of bitcoin more.

The first ever self-regulated organization of cryptocurrency exchanges in Japan is about to start the work.

Walmart implemented blockchain into supply chains in order to reduce the amount of contamination and wasted food.


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