Market Review. Results of the Day. The Correction Continues

April 26, 2018

BTC $8914.00

ETH $637.01

XRP $0.8212

BCH $1344.06

LTC $148.22

EOS $14.92

Technical analysis

Major cryptocurrencies continued to correct today. EOS is the leader of the growth (+1.4%).

Trading volumes decreased by 30-50%, which is common for corrections. 

Bitcoin support level is $8,600, resistance level is $9,750.

Ethereum support level $600, resistance level is $700.

Ripple support level $0.80, resistance level is $0.95 $.

News review

The world's largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, published on its website a statement denying that it violated the agreement on granting exclusive rights to the venture company Sequoia Capital.

Thomas Lee in his recent interview with CNBC said that he does not see any reasons to stick to one cryptocurrency, but said that if he had to choose one he would choose BTC over BCH.

Digital asset platform Gemini, owned by Winklevoss brothers, partnered with Nasdaq. The platform to use SMARTS Market Surveillance system, that is used for tracking trade manipulations.

Chilean Anti-Monopoly Court ordered local banks to open account for Chilean cryptocurrency exchanges.


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