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April 27, 2018

BTC $9281.71

ETH $680.08

XRP $0.8475

BCH $1408.19

LTC $152.09

EOS $17.44

Technical analysis

Prices of main cryptocurrencies declined today. Most of them moves horizontally. 

Bitcoin support level is $8,600, resistance is $9,750.

Ethereum support level is $600, resistance level is $700.

Ripple support level is $0.80, resistance is $0.95.

EOS is the only cryptocurrency, that continues to move in a trend and is yet again the leader of the growth (16.9%). The price is at its all-time high level. The previous one was set on January 14. It is worthy to note, that the growth came along with the growing trading volume, while the record price was set at the low trading volume. People prefer to buy at smaller prices. Most likely scenario is the correction in the near future.

News background

Developers of blockchain network Bezop made a serious mistake, that led to a leak of all personal data of 25 thousand people. Ironically, that this project was advertised by John McAfee as "secure".

France to cut tax on cryptocurrency trading profit from 45% to 19%.

US internet company Cisco got a patent for a "crowd-sourced cloud computing", that would allow to mine cryptocurrency.

Approximately 16,000 BTC associated with the infamous and now defunct cryptocurrency exchange Mt. Gox, were withdrawn on Thursday, thus prompting speculation that the company's trustee was preparing to liquidate even more coins.

Philippines created a special economic zone for blockchain and cryptocurrency companies. They licensed 10 companies to operate there. 

Korean gaming company Nexon spiked a rumour that it plans to buy cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp.

A partner at Pfeffer Capital John Pfeffer: Bitcoin is the first viable candidate to replace gold the world has ever seen.


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