Top 4 Cryptocurrency ICOs Performing Well Post-crowdsale

October 14, 2017

Setting up a cryptocurrency ICO is often the easiest part of any new project. However, after tokens saling, many projects quickly lose their value. Nowadays it is difficult to accomplish “pre-election” promises for some project developers. Also they have some problems of value appreciation of their initial proposals. But some projects are quite successful.

4. Augur. Without this platform nobody can discuss decentralized prediction markets. At one time the project initially raised around 5 million dollars. Right now, its market cap hovers around 190 million dollars.

3. Basic Attention Token. This project successfully raised 36 million dollars in about 30 seconds. Since then, Basic Attention Token has a market cap of 22 million dollars, indicating a 600% growth over the course of a few months.

2. Qtum. This project is often overlooked by traders. It is not because Qtum has no potential whatsoever, but it just isn’t hyped as much as some other projects that launched around the same time. In March of this year Qtum raised 15.6 million dollars, it took just 4.8 days to get this sum. Today, the Qtum market capitalization is 464 million dollars, it an impressive result to have 2,900% increase.

1. OmiseGo. All you need to know about this project is the fact that it started with 19 million dollars, the project’s market cap is inching closer toward the 1 billion dollars right now.


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