New Data Shows Growth Scale of Cryptocurrencies

May 2, 2018

There is no secret that token sales have grown exponentially since the beginning of the last year. Still it is pretty hard to estimate growth scale in the industry with billions of dollars being no large figures. Recently published data however show an enormous ICO and token increase.

No matter what criterion for assessment you choose – amount of dollars or ETH earned or number of projects per month – token sales keep on rising.

The image shows three ICO that stand against the other ones with each being very ambiguous. If putting it mildly, Petro is a contradictory project and information on $5 billion dollars raised by the project is hard to verify as investors are not willing to give any comment on participating in ICO in public. At the same time Telegram ICO involved private investors only leaving anyone else away from it while EOS, the Ethereum killer, has raised over 5 mln ETH for $2.5 bln which is 5% higher than Ethereum’s offer volume.

Elementus publication has also registered numbers of token sales that raised at least $100,000 and found out, it grew almost each month with small decline in December. In March 174 token sales were finished, i.e. about 6 ICO a day.


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