Most Controversial Bitcoin Forks Coming

May 4, 2018

Forks of Bitcoin have always been the subject of heated debates, but the upcoming ones are likely to be the most ambiguous: Bitcoin Prime and Anonymous Bitcoin. The both projects have already been named as shameless scams that in fact are pump-and-dump schemes. Of course, the creators take the issue.

Rhett Creighton has always been a controversial type, but his recent move has made the whole crypto community get irate. In December last year Creighton announced double fork of Bitcoin and Zclassic which blew the ZCL price and enriched Rhett and his companions. This time he is going at Bitcoin and Primecoin to create Bitcoin Prime.

Meanwhile another team is developing one more Zclassic and Bitcoin fork to create Anonymous Bitcoin aimed to “become the new standard for truly private banking”. This means that from now on Zlassic will be in dual fork with Bitcoin to create a couple of coins based on zk-SNARK.

Primecoin used to cost about 80 cents until Rhett Creighton purchased whole lot and declared his wish to do fork and refuse from Bitcoin Private project. These manipulations did not go unnoticed for the community and tarnished his reputation. Some persons including Bitcoin developer Jimmy Song believe BTC forks to be nothing but altcoins or airdrops and they don’t deserve to be called the world’s largest cryptocurrency.

On top of it, the coin price of the last largest fork Bitcoin Private has dropped 6.5 times from 87 dollars to 14 amid the general market growth.


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