Oracle to Launch Its Own Blockchain Platform This Month

May 10, 2018

US software manufacturer Oracle is ready to set its own blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) platform going, Bloomberg reports.

The corporation plans starting it as early as later this month with the first blockchain-based apps from Oracle coming in June, as it has been revealed from the statement by Thomas Kurian, the company’s president for product development. Oracle first claimed to develop own blockchain platform in October last year.

Vice president of the Blockchain Cloud Service group Frank Xiong stated, the company counts on interest from both large and small businesses while the service cost will depend on transaction volume:

“This blockchain platform will give [customers] a platform to extend their services beyond their enterprise bundle, which means they can extend them outside to their business partners, advantage customers and so on.”

Note that Oracle joins those corporations launching its own blockchain platform like Microsoft, IBM, Baidu,, etc.


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