Hackers Infected 400 Websites with Mining Soft

May 11, 2018

Attackers have hijacked over 40 sites that used outdated CMS Drupal version and integrated mining software into the code. This was reported by the cyber security expert Troy Mursch at Bad Packets Report.

As it turned out soon, hackers used Coinhive that is able to mine Monero currency when built into the site code enabling capacities of the visitors.

Mursch considers this process as well as crypto jacking to be far more dangerous for users rather than ransomware like WannaCry and it can cause much problem for the owners of the infected sites.

“This is because Coinhive and other cryptojacking services (malware) are simply done with JavaScript. Every modern browser and device can run JavaScript, so as such, everybody can mine cryptocurrency and unfortunately Coinhive has been used and abused time and time again. [In] this particular case, Drupal users need to update [as soon as possible].”

Among those infected there are websites of San Diego Zoo, the University of Aleppo, the National Labor Relations Board, the government of Chihuahua, Mexico, the City of Marion, Ohio, and the Ringling College of Art and Design.

It is to be added that Coinhive is not used by criminals only. Quite lately this fund raising option has been enabled by UNICEF to help children from countries in humanitarian crisis.


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