ICO Kodak Starting This Month

May 12, 2018

The Kodak’s team on blockchain-based image rights management has announced ICO KodakCoin to begin later this month which rus almost four months behind the schedule.

WENN Digital that established KODAKOne platform and will manage it under the legendary brand of Kodak declared on Thursday, ICO KodakCoin is to start on May 21.

The company’s CEO Jan Denecke states, they are convinced that token selling was designed to comply fully with the directives of Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

ICO will be hosted at Cointopia, while tokens distributed via contracts of Simple Agreements for Future Tokens (SAFT) will cost 1 USD during the first found of financing. Sales are to be kept in check by Pickwick Capital Partners and Exemplar Capital, both are registered at SEC and FINRA as broker dealers.

“An estimated 1.2 trillion photos were uploaded to the web in 2017 alone – the majority without copyright holders’ permission. And as a result, today’s photographers have been left with more work to do, and less compensation to show for it. By pairing blockchain technology with KodakCoin, KODAKOne will provide a licensing platform that enforces copyright compliance and tracks the usage of images – giving photographers more control over licensing, while at the same time creating a creative community and a comprehensive marketplace that meets all their needs”, chairman, co-founder and co-architect of KODAKOne Cam Chell noted.


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