Market Review. Results of the Day. 05/14/2018

May 14, 2018

BTC $8730.64

ETH $731.40

XRP $0.73

BCH $1455.42

LTC $147.96

EOS $14.14

Technical analysis

Prices for the main cryptocurrencies have gone up over the weekend with EOS -5.7% and ETH +7.2% as the worst and best indicators. Trade volume has reduced, short term falling trend keeps going.

BTC resistance $9,400.

ETH resistance $760.

XRP resistance $0.80.

EOS resistance $15.00.

Consensus 2018, a CEC, E3 or Comic-Con of crypto industry, starting today. As a rule, prices for crypto tend to grow after events like this.

Latest News

Official statement: LocalBitcoins will start asking for users’ personal data in a mandatory manner since May 25 at least when resorting to technical support or exceeding trade limit. LocalBitcoins also declared, only 16+ individuals will be granted access to the platform. Yet the way LB is going to check this still remains unclear. Obviously, there isn’t one.

FGA’s expert is convinced, the first cryptocurrency rate will rise to at least $36,000 by 2019 due to continuously growing capacities required for mining.

CEO Nasdaq Adena Friedman has declared, they are monitoring digital currencies developing and called them the next step in the crypto space.

Crypto Facilities, Britain-based crypto trading platform, has launched the first regulated futures contracts at Ethereum (ETH).

Mike Novogratz, CEO at Galaxy Digital Cap., believes that each investor has to have in his portfolio at least 2% of crypto.

Verge crypto platform spokesmen have announced launching its own debit cards. The company plans to collaborate with German bank WEG that offers technological solutions for the matter. The card is purposed for storing cryptocurrencies and using them for making payments in Internet.


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