Coinbase Launches Four Products for Institutional Investors

May 16, 2018

The largest American crypto exchange Coinbase has taken steps to attract institutional investors and launched four new products aimed at this class of customers.

Coinbase Custody is a service to keep funds in cryptocurrency. Media release by the exchange tells it successfully stores funds of its customers to the amount of over $20 billion in crypto. Coinbase is ready to render this service for institutional investors and guarantees complete funds security.

The second product from the exchange is Coinbase Prime, a platform for trading crypto designed for institutional investors only. To date the exchange has got four cryptocurrencies available: BTC, BCH, ETH and LTC. Coinbase Prime users will be granted access to trade these cryptocurrencies as well as to a pack of specialized tools and services that meet the interests of institutional investors. Interface of Coinbase Prime is going to differ from that of the main platform, GDAX, but will have common liquidity pool accessible.

Coinbase Markets is a new trading platform of the exchange that will be managed by the new office in Chicago. Coinbase Markets provides a centralized liquidity pool for all products of the exchange.

The fourth one is Coinbase Institutional Coverage Group. The New Your-based group will provide services for institutional investors and render assistance on all related matters. With this product the exchange will provide for top quality service to make new clients feel confident on the crypto market.

Coinbase launches new services and offers cutting edge products on a regular basis to keep its dominant position on the market. For instance, in March the exchange declared starting Coinbase Index Fund.


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