Kraken CEO Donated One Million Dollars to Coin Center

May 16, 2018

US cryptocurrency exchange Kraken has announced its new donation. A non-profit organization Coin Center is the recipient of the new donation of $1 million. Moreover Kraken agreed to match any donation in May up to $1 million. 

It is worthy to recall, that last month the cryptocurrency exchange was one of the exchanges, that was inquired by the New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. However, CEO of Kraken Jesse Powell publicly refused to cooperate, saying that this inquiry is disrespectful and added, that the exchange knows how to dodge a bullet, as Kraken leaved the state of New York in 2015. Moreover, Schneiderman resigned from his office after accusations of physical assault on four women, 

The community has reacted positively on the announcement of the donation. The head of Coin Center said, that representatives of the organization visited all hearings in the US Congress on the topic of cryptocurrency since 2013. He also thanked Kraken for the active support of the project.


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