HTC to Release Smartphone With Blockchain Service Support

May 17, 2018

Last Tuesday, May 14, Taiwan-based electronics manufacturer HTC presented a new smartphone of the Vive line called Exodus. As the company’s spokesmen assert, this phone is to become a device for storing personal crypto funds and support Blockchain services.

Phil Chen from HTC who is responsible for the Vive products said, preorder for the device has already started, and it can be paid for with Bitcoins or Ethereum as well.

Note that HTC is not the first one to develop its smartphone with blockchain technology support. In September last year Sirin Labs announced releasing Finney smartphone with funds to the tune of about $157 million raised during ICO. By the end of January the number of pre-orders for the device is reported to exceed 25,000.

Vice president of HTC’s division for new technology Raymond Pao told, the company is developing a smartphone capable of connecting decentralized network and establishing infrastructure needed to realize the idea:

“We believe smartphones will be a critical component for the entire crypto ecosystem. This phone will act as the hub, just like the PC did in the early days of the Internet. If we look at the industry, there are moving in two directions. One side is 100% centralized so that the platform company knows all the details of the users. The value the platform companies can provide is fully customized service to each single person. The more the user shares to the platform company, the better-customized services the platform companies can provide. On the opposite side, there are the users who care about their privacy more and want to own their information and identification. As the phone is the most personal device we use every day, we want to work on the decentralized eco-system with the users who care most about their privacy.”

As to Chen, the primary objective for the project is creating a device with top security level for storing cryptocurrencies on it. In addition, Exodus is supposed to enable access to other popular crypto wallets on the market.

Exodus is known to have marketplace with decentralized applications (dApps). On top of it, the smartphone will come with integrated API for developers to create their own apps with underlying integrated networks.

“We really care about this portable identity and users owning their identity and data, and we believe that the phone is the best place to do that,” Chen clarified.

He also added, when designing Exodus HTC is going to apply technologies of Ethereum and Dfinity platfroms:

“Right now, we're talking to ethereum, DFinity, and we want to run their clients to optimize for their nodes. We want to be the Switzerland for all protocols, ethereum etc, so the phone can do 20-30 percent of it in terms of verifying”.

Chen added, coming summer the company will release a number of extra information on Exodus:

“We'll also be releasing some more white papers in the July-August time frame that have more of that, can have the phone be a node as opposed to mid-to-high-end servers”.


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