Market Review. Results of the Day. 05/17/2018

May 17, 2018

Technical analysis

Main cryptocurrencies continue declining today. The best on the market EOS +3.54%. Trade volume has dropped. Short term falling trend remains. The risk of faster descend is much higher.

BTC 8254.56$. Resistance 8800$. Aimed at 7800$

ETH 692.72$. Resistance 740$. Aimed at 520$

XRP 0.6790$. Resistance 0.75$. Aimed at 0,47$

EOS 12.58$. Resistance 14.00$. Aimed at 10$.

BCH 1242.91$. Resistance 1400$. Aimed at 1000$

Latest news

Manager of hedge fund BKCM Digital Asset Fund Brian Kelly launches his own blockchain-ETF. The fund portfolio is to involve about 30 companies that employ blockchain in their activities and meet one of the four criteria: using blockchain in the main activity, cryptocurrency mining, crypto exchanging and developing decentralized internet.

The president of the Chile Central Bank Mario Marcel believes, the country needs cryptocurrency regulations to be aware of the risks they may cause.

Andrew Rennhack: Coinmarketcap may distort data up to 90%.

HTC plans releasing a smartphone with blockchain service support.

Spain’s largest banking group Santander became the first company to successfully integrate and use blockchain in investor voting at the annual meeting.

The terms «smart-contract», «cryptocurrency» and rules for their usage will be included into Civil Code of the Russian Federation.


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