New Hidden Miner Causes System Failure When Detected

May 18, 2018

New kind of malware that secretly mines cryptocurrency has got a dangerous feature which damages a lot the infected devices. When detected by antivirus the miner causes system failure.

The miner was found by 360 Total Security experts and was named WinstarNssmMiner. The company has already prevented 500 attempts to attack computers with this malware over the last 3 days.

As the report says, initially WinstarNssmMiner acts as a common miner: it tries to integrate and make use of CPU capacity for mining Monero (XMR). WinstarNssmMiner starts svchost.exe that is used for system services management and adds its malicious code there. One process is used for mining while others latently monitor antivirus. Along with this the miner integrates a specific attribute that may trigger system crash anytime.

But as the researchers say, the program is not that mighty and helpless against advanced antiviruses. According to 360 Total Security, the miner scans system for antiviruses and when finds any of Kaspersky Lab or Avast level, it ceases executing.

Thus a new type of crypto miner is a threat only for users with low security antiviruses or without any at all. If you notice your PC slowing down or crashing suddenly with blue screen you’d better scan the system with reliable antivirus to delete WinstarNssmMiner or trace executed processes and remove the malware manually.

Note that crypto-jacking is getting more serious and affects hundreds of Internet users. At the beginning of the year AdGuard company used to warn that hidden mining may occur in the most unexpected situations so one has to be highly cautious when surfing.


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