Crypto Rating By China’s Government Ranked Ethereum First

May 18, 2018

China’s Ministry of Industry and IT has published official rating of cryptocurrencies. The experts awarded Ethereum with the first and Bitcoin with the 13th out of 28 positions.

Кas local publication China Electronics News (CEN) reports, the top-5 cryptocurrencies starts with Ethereum that is followed by Steem, Lisk, NEO and Komodo.

The first rating includes 28 cryptocurrencies but the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of Beijing plans to enlarge the list and include public blockchain projects and crypto assets.

This bit of news first came to public notice earlier this month when the Ministry announced this at the conference in Beijing.

“First-rate domestic experts and scholars” contributed to the ratings that they made up with regard to three indexes: “technology”, “application” and “innovation”.

Ethereum proved itself pretty good by all categories while Bitcoin lagged behind in “technology” and “application” despite it was the best of all in “innovation”.

“The results show that the typical representative of the second-generation blockchain technology is Ethereum's technology assessment index,” CEN reports.


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