Tel Aviv Stock Exchange Runs Exceptional Blockchain Platform

May 21, 2018

The only stock exchange of Israel, Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE), has developed a unique blockchain platform for securities lending. To do so the exchange has partnered up with Israeli fintech company The Floor and companies Accenture and Intel, as official media release reports.

The platform was named Blockchain Securities Lending and it is to revolutionize the securities lending market of Israel by direct lending for all basic financial tools. The platform is a unified center for all operations with securities lending and provides quick access to major volumes of securities. With blockchain enabled the exchange plans to maintain p2p and direct transactions, smart-contracts and advanced security.

Blockchain Securities Lending was developed on the Hyperledger Sawtooth platform with the use of Intel Software Guard Extensions technology which allows for encrypting all data in transactions. Accenture company is to deal with smart-contracts on the platform. The project will enter prod-environment as soon as the concept is verified successful.

Remember that at the turn of the last year access to Tel Aviv stock exchange was blocked to the companies engaged into cryptocurrency matters due to risks for investors.


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