OKEx’s Ex-CEO Joins Huobi

May 22, 2018

Chris Lee, ex-CEO of OKEx crypto exchange, has joined the board of the platform’s competitor, Huobi and become vice president on global business development of the exchange.

According to the official statement by Huobi published on Monday, Lee will be in charge of the exchange’s strategy on merging and acquiring other companies as well as of the platform’s international development.

“I am a big believer in blockchain technology and view exchanges as the heart of the industry,” Lee said.

Last week Chris Lee declared leaving CEO position at OKEx after just several months of holding the post. Earlier Lee worked at the exchange’s parent company OKCoin. In his letter of resignation Lee noted, OKEx has got high staff turnover in senior executive management:

“For my former employer, I have done all I could ... The first generation of OKCoin's international and management teams have left. How many of the second generation are still there? And how many CTOs have left in the last three to four years?”

In addition, lately the exchange has faced charges of Bitcoin futures manipulation coming from investors. Note that the matter does not affect its activity in any way and to date OKEx is ranked first by daily trade volume.


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