Nokia to Create an Iot Network for Remote Areas

May 22, 2018

According to a statement published on the company's blog, a Finnish telecommunications giant Nokia announced the new project to provide people in remote rural areas with the mobile network and the opportunity to use benefits of the digital economy.

The access to these distant areas will be provided by new tech tools, than minimize the cost of deploying, operating and maintaining the network. Nokia networks will collect the data of the Internet of Things and allow people to monetize it. People will be able to do it individually, or through IoT Data Community Projects.

Nokia partnered with a Swiss blockchain startup Streamr and a US software company OSIsoft for the project. Streamr will tokenize the data, compiled from the devices, connected in the IoT. Community hosted networks of Nokia will collect all the data, generated by the Internet of Things, and integrate it with the Streamr Data Marketplace.

Networks will allow people in distant villages to become a host of a mobile broadband service and monitor it. It allows users to set up base stations and have the connection within 15 minutes. The project will eliminate the need the need for paying for the installation, operation, and maintenance of base stations.


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