Market Review. Results of the Day. 05/22/2018

May 22, 2018

Technical analysis

Main cryptocurrencies continued to decline today. Trading volumes are at record low levels. BCH (-3.3%) and EOS (-2.6%) are the leaders of the fall.

BTC $8,228.99. Resistance level is $8,400. The target level is $7,800.

ETH $6,77.98. Resistance level is $720. The target level is $500.

XRP $0.66687. Resistance level is $0.70. The target level is $0.47.

EOS $12.90. Resistance level is $14.00. The target level is $10.

BCH $1,179.40. Resistance level is $1,300. The target level is $1,000.

News review

Former CEO of OKEx Chris Lee joined the rival exchange Huobi as vice president of the global development.

More than 40 financial regulators of the US and Canada joined to strike a massive blow on fraudulent ICOs.

Verge (XVG) cryptocurrency once again suffered from the 51% attack.

Nokia partnered with a Swiss crypto startup Streamr on a project, that is aimed to provide people in remote rural areas with the mobile network.

Global Chief Economist of Vanguard Joe Davis said, that bitcoin price may go to zero with a “decent probability”.

Cryptocurrency company Genesis Mining posted billboards just outside the office of Warren Buffett, saying that he might be wrong about bitcoin.  


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