Taylor Crypto Trading Platform Hacked For 2,500 ETH

May 28, 2018

Taylor that recently launched ICO to raise funds for “smart crypto trading assistant” was hacked for 2 578 ETH (about $1.5 million).

According to the message published by the company, it is so far unclear, what happened exactly, though there is some evidence for a group of hackers that hijacked another project called CypheriumChain for over 17 000 ETH (about 9.8 million USD).

The company also asserts, it has contacted to EtherDelta but got no response so far. The next post by Taylor said, hackers managed to grip control over a 1Password file, which was called later as “highly advanced and coordinated attack”.

In the interview with Brazilian news publication Portal do Bitcoin the company's counder Fabio Seixas said, Taylor plans hiring specialized company to investigate the case. He promised to provide more information later when stating:

“Soon, we will reveal an action plan both in relation to company’s operations and what will happen to the token. For the time being, I can not clarify more details about the token, otherwise the hacker might move ahead of our actions”.


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