Blockchain Can Alter Everyday Goods Sale and Retail Business

May 29, 2018

Консалтинговая компания Deloitte consulting company, one of the big four audit firms, states in its latest research, integrating blockchain into retail trading and daily goods selling is able to revolutionize these industries.

In the course of the study the company has considered 50 use cases of blockchain by three categories: consumers, supply chains and payments and contracts. After that Deloitte used its formula to assess each integration by calculating added value due to blockchain.

The study says, blockchain is capable of fixing weakest points of these industries with flexibility, traceability, compliance with standards and third parties management among them. The company stresses, blockchain supply chains have got the largest potential in the short term.

Deloitte’s consulting partner Steve Larke pointed out, the technology can help realtors to detect, trace and take account of all transactions. He added, implementing blockchain is necessary, so the companies that neglect blockchain may lag behind dramatically its rivals.

The research also notes, integrating technology comes along with certain difficulties so companies need to study first the industries that are likely to bring better profits and then investing into the technology.


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